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Amber Grant!

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Hey Amber Grant! Thanks so much for learning about what our company has to offer. Click on the below for more information about:

Our Marketing Plan


  1. Help inform others of the new legislature to those who have not been made aware 

  2. Gain new clients:

    • 250+ child care centers (averaging 10 lead samples)

    • 35+ charter schools (averaging 40 lead samples)

    • 3+ school districts (averaging 200 - 1,000 lead samples)

Target Audience:

  • Child care centers - Business Owners

  • Charter Schools - Directors

  • School Districts - Facility Managers and Health & Safety Coordinators

Budget: $1,450

  • Mailing: $1,000

  • Printed Materials: $450


Extending your reach to as many people as possible.

Local News Media

  • Receive public interest

  • Get parents asking questions

  • High density news outlets:

    • Twin Cities - Star Tribune​

    • Duluth - Duluth News Tribune

    • Rochester - Post Bulleting

    • Hennepin County - SW Media

Direct Mail

  • 2,750 Child Care Centers

  • 350 Charter Schools

  • QR code for tracking conversion

  • Messaging 

    • Primary - New law​

    • Secondary - Our services

Cold Calling

  • Large School Districts 

    • Facility Managers​

    • Health & Safety Coordinators

  • Child Care Center Chains

    • 10+ more centers​


For people who's interest are peaked and want to learn more.

Landing Page

  • Dedicated page to just lead testing in schools and childcare centers. Lead Page

  • Walks through process from beginning to end

  • Explores options they have on how to go about testing

  • Lists resources for further detail if interested

White Papers

  • What the new law is and how to interpret it

  • What is lead in drinking water and what you can do about it

Exterior Resources

  • Gives resources from The Minnesota Department of Health


Those that have any final questions on their mind or those ready to buy.


  • For those that prefer to talk things through. 

  • Staff member ready to answer any questions and set up testing services


  • Link to our email that prompts them with information that will help us serve them better 

Order Online

  • For those that have found everything they need they can buy directly online from us. Their sample kits, instructions and paperwork will all be mailed within 2-5 business days.


Making people not just glad they did it, but glad they did it with you.

Experience Survey

  • Clients receive 10% off testing services if they give us important feedback


  • Clients receive reminders when they are due to retest

Meet The Team

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