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As a school administrator who has an abundance of items on your list, we’ll make lead testing easy for you to check off.  Twin City Water Clinic is certified to test drinking water for lead, so you can be confident that the water your kids and staff are drinking is safe. 

We work closely with environmental health and safety coordinators and environmental consulting groups. We serve public, private and charter schools as well as daycare providers.  

As stated by the Minnesota State Statute 12A.335 -

all public, private, and charter schools must test for lead in any water source that may be consumed by students or staff (this would include any tap that they are drinking from directly or used in cooking). This needs to be completed once every 5 years. TCWC is here to help your school district complete all of your lead testing needs. Call us today at (952) 935-3556 to speak with one of our certified professionals about getting started.  


Full MN State Statute on Lead Testing within Schools-

TCWC Certification from Minnesota Department of Health

Twin City Water Clinic Certification

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