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Twin City Water Clinic was started as a single person laboratory in 1960 by John VanArsdale. The laboratory only tested for coliform bacteria in drinking water and assisted contractors with their testing needs.


60 years later, TCWC has quadrupled in size; now analyzing over 22,000 samples a year with 5 laboratory technicians. We've also expanded our certification to ensure your health is top priority, including coliform bacteria, lead, arsenic, nitrate, nitrite, and E. coli. Our clients range from contractors, home owners, schools and municipalities. 


Our Quality Assurance Program is very intense, and we adhere to very strict procedures in every aspect of our analysis. Our goal is to make sure we're precise and complete in every test, every time!

We employ calibration curves, spikes, duplicates, internal audits, blind performance testing and other internal Quality Control. All of our analyses are traceable to national standards.

In simple language this means...
• We maintain a high criteria for ongoing calibration of our equipment.
• We run duplicate tests from different aliquots of the same sample.
• We run quality checks on specimens with added, measured contaminants to make sure that the results are accurate.
• And we continue to find ways to do more.


We are certified by both the State of Minnesota and the State of Wisconsin. Click below to view the certifications and scope!

MN Department of Health Certification

MN Department of Health Scope of Certification

WI DNR Certification

TCWC Canines

There may be a chance that when you stop to pick up your testing kit you'll run into one of our furry lab assistants!



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